Recycling Program

The 451 D Street is engaged in a mixed office paper and Single Stream recycling program collected by Republic Services. Currently the program includes mixed office paper from desks, work stations, and copy stations, loose corrugated boxes, as well as plastics, bottles and cans. These recyclables are collected throughout the building by your cleaning staff and brought to the loading dock for collection.

These recyclables are picked up at the loading dock by Republic Services on an on-call basis at no charge. The SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING PROGRAM, a recycling program designed to enhance and maximize your recycling efforts, consists of a single collection and recycling point for the following materials, keeping them from being discarded as waste and ultimately out of landfills:
  • Mixed office paper
  • Manila file folders and card stock
  • Loose cardboard
  • Plastic beverage containers
  • Plastics labeled #1 to #7
  • Glass bottles (any color)
  • Glass containers (any color)
  • Aluminum cans
  • Tin & steel cans