Building Services

Building Signage and Directory

To maintain quality and present a uniform appearance, all building directories and directional signage must be coordinated by the Management Office. Tenant suite door signage is subject to Management approval. Please submit renderings of proposed signage to the Management Office for approval.


Our cleaning services are provided by UG2. It is their objective to provide a clean work environment for our tenants. Common areas are cleaned on a daily basis Monday through Friday.
Tenant suites are cleaned in accordance to each tenants lease. Cleaning concerns or requests should be brought to the Management Office?s attention by submitting a work order through Building Engines.

Recycling and Waste Removal

Dynamic Waste Systems, Inc. is responsible for the 451 D Street's recycling program. For more information regarding their service and acceptable recyclables, please click here.

Window Cleaning
The interior and exterior window washing is done on a periodic basis. A memorandum is sent out in advance of the cleaners arriving. All tenants are responsible for removing items from their windowsills prior to their arrival.

The 451 D Street has full elevator service to the building, including freight elevator service for deliveries.
A Certificate of Insurance is required to be on file for all vendors delivering to the building.

Too hot or too cold?

If the temperature in your office needs adjustment, please enter a Tenant Service Request in the Building Engines work order system. Your request will be dispatched immediately to engineering personnel.

HVAC Standard Hours

The standard hours of operation of the heating and air conditioning systems are:
  • Mondays through Fridays:8:00am ? 6:00pm.
  • Sundays or Building Holidays:No heating or cooling is provided.
    If HVAC is required, please see the instructions for Overtime HVAC below.
  • Saturdays:Standard hours are from 8:00am through to 1:00pm. However to reduce energy waste in unoccupied areas, HVAC no longer operates on Saturdays unless it is scheduled beforehand.
    • If you require HVAC on a Saturday, please schedule through the Building Engines
    • Please give at least 24 hours notice so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.
    • No Overtime HVAC charges will apply for Saturday HVAC unless outside of the standard Saturday hours.
Overtime HVAC:
  • Heating or cooling that is required after standard hours (ie: Overtime HVAC) must be scheduled in Angus.
  • Please give at least 24 hours notice in order for arrangements to be made.
  • Hourly charges apply at the current HVAC Overtime rate.
  • This service is billed with the monthly Tenant Service Requests (TSR's)