Moving and Delivery Guide

  1. All deliveries must be made via the loading dock and freight elevator. The loading dock is located on Inman Street. No deliveries can be made through the D Street or Fargo Street entrances. This includes catering services.
  2. The freight and loading dock are on a first come first served basis from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM and cannot be reserved during this time. 
  3. Any deliveries that will take longer than 20 minutes from the loading dock to freight must be done outside of regular business hours and must be scheduled with building management. 
  4. To reserve the freight or loading dock contact Requests can also be brought to the Management Office’s attention by submitting a work order through Prism.
  5. All tenant move-ins and move-outs must take place after 6:00 PM or on weekends and must be coordinated with building management.
  6. All vendors making deliveries to tenants are required to hold insurance. A current and compliant COI must be sent to before deliveries take place. To view the vendor COI requirements, click here. If a vendor is making a delivery and they have not provided a COI the delivery will be halted and they will be turned away. 
  7. The vendor is responsible for any damage to the building incurred during the move. 
  8. There is no smoking on the loading dock or freight area and no smoking is permitted anywhere inside of the building. 
  9. Collect and dispose of any pallets, boxes, and or scraps left behind due to the move or delivery of your items.
If you have questions regarding deliveries or use of the freight and loading dock please contact, 617-737-3462, or submit a work order.