Emergency Preparedness

Online Safety Training Video
Please click here to view the Online Safety Training Video for 451 D Street.
If you need help accessing the online safety training video please contact 451d@relatedbeal.com
Emergency  Evacuation 
  1. If a fire is reported to or discovered within your tenant premises, cautiously proceed to the area of the fire, investigate and determine the size of the fire. If the fire is contained in a wastebasket or a receptacle used for paper storage, use a portable fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire without exposing yourself or others to personal injury.
  2. If the fire cannot be contained, activate the nearest pull station, close appropriate doors to contain the area of fire and evacuate tenant premises in accordance with your evacuation plan. Immediately NOTIFY the Property Management Office at 617-737-3462 or the Security Desk at 617-737-3462 after the pull station has been pulled.
  3. If a fire alarm is activated within the building, immediately proceed to the vicinity of an audio/visual unit and listen for instructions. It is important to realize that complete evacuation may not be necessary. Wide scale evacuation could overload the stairwells, causing unnecessary accidents.
  4. Once the general evacuation signal is sounded for the floor (whooping alarm signal), personnel within the tenant premises should be directed to evacuate the premises via the nearest stairwell. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS
  5. Notify safety wardens and assistant safety wardens to search all rooms in the tenant premises and alert occupants of the emergency condition.
  6. Notify the Property Management Office at 617-737-3462 or the Security Desk at 617-737-3462 of the need to escort individuals encumbered by physical impairments.
  7. Without placing yourself in danger, make a final search of the tenant premises and elevator lobby before proceeding out of the building. Notify the building's floor warden that tenant evacuation is complete on your way out.
  8. Proceed to the Boston Commons or the buildings across the street (as decided by tenant) and account for all personnel. Immediately alert Property Management Personnel of missing occupants.
  9. Wait for Property Management Personnel to signal for re-entry to the building.
Homeland Security
451 D Street recommends that each tenant have an emergency action plan in place to help their employees prepare for, and react quickly to, a regional emergency, including terrorist attacks.  Click on the links below to access a variety of resources that aid in preparing for a regional emergency.
Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Association
American Red Cross            
Center for Diseases Control and Prevention Emergency Preparedness and Response
Local media outlets will provide important information during an emergency situation.
Medical Emergency
In the event that an accident or illness befalls  one of your employees, or  a visitor to your office area, please:
  1. Call Emergency Services at 911.
  2. Provide the Emergency Dispatcher with the following information:
    1. Your name
    2. Your Building’s name and address
    3. Your specific floor number, and the exact location of the emergency
    4. Any pertinent details of the accident or illness
  3. Do not move the injured/ill person.  Attempt to make them as comfortable as possible.
  4. If feasible, send someone to meet the emergency unit upon its arrival in the lobby.
  5. Call the Management Office at 617-737-3462.
Inform management that you have called 911 and briefly describe the nature of the emergency.
  1. The emergency unit will be with you shortly and will administer all necessary medical assistance.
  2. Determine, if possible:
    1. Name, address and age of injured/ill person
    2. The nature of the problem, as best you can surmise
    3. All known allergies and current medications taken by the individual
    4. A local doctor
The Management, Engineering and Security staff will do all we can to ensure the patient’s comfort while awaiting the arrival of the medical rescue team.  Although we assume no liability for our assistance, we strongly encourage Tenants and employees to become familiar with First Aid, as well as the contact information and protocol used to alert emergency services.

Power Failure
451 D Street is served by emergency generators.  In the event of power failure, this generator will provide emergency power for certain basic building functions. Those functions include:
  1. Activating emergency lighting on each floor throughout the building, including all Exit signs.
  2. Activating all stairwell lighting.
  3. Activating the building's emergency Fire, Life and Safety Systems as well as the building's communication systems.
  4. Recalling all elevators to the ground floor lobby.  (One elevator will remain operative for use by security to assist handicapped persons or to take service crews and equipment into the building, as needed.)
It is seldom necessary to evacuate the building during a power failure.  Unless you are directed to do so through the emergency communication system, please remain in your offices.

Severe Weather
When severe weather conditions become apparent, the U.S. Weather Bureau describes conditions by two (2) classifications, a Watch or a Warning. This applies to the reporting of severe thunderstorms, the approach of weather conditions favoring the formation of tornadoes, a hurricane condition, a winter storm condition, etc. A Watch becomes effective when atmospheric conditions are right to produce the particular weather phenomenon. A Warning means that the weather condition has been spotted and prompt action must be taken for safety.
Except in very rare circumstances, the decision to evacuate the building based on the above weather reports will not be made by Building Management, but rather by each Tenant Company. However, in the event these conditions do exist, the following guidelines should be kept in mind:
  • Move away from outside windows. If the windows in your offices are supplied with blinds, close the blinds (this will provide protection from broken glass).
  • Do not panic.
  • If evacuated, lock all desk drawers and take all items of value with you.
  • If evacuated, use a route that is in the building interior and stay away from large expanses of glass and windows.
  • Use the stairwells rather than the elevators.
  • If evacuated, do not return to your office until advised to do so.
Toxic Hazards
If there is a toxic spill or exposure, immediately get to an area where you are not exposed and call 911. Give building address, floor and phone number, and also what type of spill. Take action to contain the hazard; close doors behind you, and always follow all safety procedures when working with toxic materials.

Tenant Emergency Contact
Tenants are asked to fill out a Tenant Emergency Contact form every year to ensure that building management has current information to contact tenants in the event of an emergency. Tenants will be asked for this form once a year but should make changes and send the form to building management whenever changes are made.

To download the form click here. Once it has been filled out please send it to 451d@relatedbeal.com